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Grade levels: Intermediate Grades 3-8

EduTyping, Jr. is an online software program designed for students at the intermediate level. The curriculum has been developed to teach new keys by introducing rows on the keyboard in a sequential manner. The EduTyping Jr. software includes all of the necessary lessons, tools, and exercises to effectively introduce and teach elementary level students the basics of touch-typing technique and skills.

Access: Users can go to the Microsoft My Apps Portal. Then sign on using your BCPS Google Account.

Learning How

Getting Started with EduTyping

The EduTyping Jr. Curriculum Overview provides an overall scope and sequence of the program as well as pacing suggestions and other general information to help plan the best way to implement this resource in the classroom.  An Introduction to Keyboarding lesson is also available to help teachers provide an overview of touch typing as well as to introduce the EduTyping program.  

EduTyping FAQs

ISTE Standards for Students

Ideas for Use