Discovery Education

Direct Linking Within Your Rostered Discovery Education Courses

  • Use the Discovery Education assign feature to Assign Content to Students. (You may need to be logged in for this link to open.)

  • Link to or embed Discovery Education resources into your Schoology Courses. This document will review options and show you how.


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Grade levels: Primary, Intermediate, Middle, High

Discovery Education offers engaging digital resources from articles to videos aligned to curricular standards that can be personalized and assigned to students.

  1. Video resources allow the viewer the option to turn on the closed captions feature, which is provided in over 20 different languages.

  2. Text resources can be assigned according to different reading levels or in Spanish. The viewer can also use the immersive reader, highlighter, and note-taking features when reading.

  3. Math resources include three different calculators, a unit converter, and a whiteboard as resources to the user. Students can use these resources to create multi-media presentations to showcase knowledge.

Access: Discovery Education can be accessed through the BCPS Apps Portal or through the Left Navigation bar in any Schoology Course. Once you have used this log-in process, right-clicking on the world logo in the left corner of the Discovery Education launch page in your course and select "Open in a new tab" to access your account outside of the Schoology window. These directions will help you get started.

Learning How

You must be logged in to your BCPS Discovery Education account to access these resources. Log in through Schoology or the BCPS Apps Portal.

  • The Discovery Education Help Center offers support for Embedded Content, Techbooks, Coding, and User Roles.

  • Interactive Quiz Feature allows teachers to embed questions within a video for students to answer as they are watching. (Quiz Library offers over 300 pre-made, ready-to-use quizzes!

  • The Live Quiz Feature allows teachers to create different types of questions to turn class into an engaging game style format.

  • New features for Fall 2021 allow teachers to embed an interactive quiz within a lesson, a live quiz, an updated Studio experience for students, and an enhanced video player.

  • Self-paced professional learning is available under the Educator Supports button on your Discovery Education homepage upon logging in to your account.

  • Monthly webinars provided by Discovery Education facilitators are available for BCPS teachers.

  • To access direct links to Discovery Ed content, students may need to first log in by clicking on the Discovery Education link on the left navigation bar in any Schoology course.

  • Check our Professional Learning Page for additional learning opportunities.

ISTE Standards for Students

    • 3. Knowledge Constructor- Students critically curate a variety of resources using digital tools to construct knowledge, produce creative artifacts and make meaningful learning experiences for themselves and others.

Ideas for Use

  • Resources to offer grab-and-go lessons for various content areas and grade bands

  • Techbook- Math, Science and Social Studies Tech Books provide articles, videos, and exemplars for content

  • Studio Board Builder- Use Studio Board Builder to create digital bulletin boards with images and videos embedded from DE or have students create their own

  • Quiz- Build live, interactive, or standard quizzes using this new feature; Choose from over 300 pre-made video quiz activities through Quiz Library

  • Assessment Builder- Build assessments for students using DE content and receive grade reports for students allowing for formative or summative data (No Schoology grade passback available for teacher-created assessments)

  • SOS Instructional Strategies- The Spotlight on Strategies section offers research-based instructional strategies to use with digital or print resources to improve student engagement and understanding of content

  • News and Current Events- Find trending stories around politics, sports, the environment, health, and technology

  • Virtual Field Trips- Visit far-away places and learn about interesting people without leaving the classroom

  • Instructional Activities Channel. Find ready-to-use activities for grades K-8 and in various subjects (Science, Social Studies, Math, ELA, Health, and SEL). All activities include the Immersive Reader and can be assigned as a group or individually. Content updated frequently! (Must be logged in to your BCPS Discovery account for link to work.)

  • Monthly newsletters published by Discovery Education offer additional ideas and feature updates

*Support and Professional Learning for each of these ideas and more can be found on your Discovery Education homepage upon logging in to your account.