Teaching with EdTech

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This page contains content linked to a BCPS Google Drive. Teachers must be logged into their BCPS Google account when accessing any linked G Suite resources for use with students and for any BCPS related work.

Please reference Setting Up Users in Google Chrome for support in logging into your BCPS Google Account.

This space is designed to support teachers around best practices for using digital tools and resources during instruction. As you explore these materials, it is important to keep the instructional purpose of your lesson at the forefront of your thinking in order to select the most appropriate tool. Take time to practice and troubleshoot with colleagues to help you choose the best tool and setup. Additional approved digital tools can be found on the Digital Toolbox page of this site.

Liz Kolb's Triple E Framework - A framework for educators to measure how well technology tools integrated into lessons are helping students engage in, enhance and extend learning goals.

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Engagement - Takes place when students becoming active, social, and focused learners of content goals

Does the technology …

  • Allow students to focus on the task of the assignment or activity with less distraction (Time on Task)?

  • Motivate students to start the learning process?

  • Cause a shift in the behavior of the students, where they move from passive to active social learners (co-use or co-engagement)?

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Enhancement - encourages the use of technology to add-value by allowing students to explore, create, and problem-solve.

Does the technology …

  • Aid students in developing a more sophisticated understanding of the content?

  • Create scaffolds to make it easier to understand concepts, gather information, or generate ideas?

  • Create paths for students to comprehend or demonstrate their understanding of the learning goals in a way that they could not do with traditional ideas?

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Extension - the connection to authentic experiences through the use of technology tools.

Does the technology …

  • Create opportunities for students to learn outside of their typical school day?

  • Create a bridge between school learning and everyday life experiences?

  • Allow students to build skills that they can use in their everyday lives?

Lesson Planning with Ed Tech Tools

This document is intended to provide teachers with considerations around the use of technology and digital tools to support them when planning for instruction. The considerations are presented in question format to help teachers reflect and choose the most appropriate digital tools that align with learning outcomes and student needs.

Lesson Planning Considerations for Ed Tech - HUB.pdf

As teachers create and use instructional resources, it is important that they are mindful of the copyright associated with the materials they want to use. Do you have permission to use a specific image or video? If you do have permission, how do you give credit to the author? Check out the Copyright & Fair Use page to learn more.

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