Digital Resource Toolbox

Using Digital Tools to Engage Students and Enhance Learning 

An index of frequently used digital tools can be found here on The Innovation HUB.  Click on any tool icon below for support resources including a product overview and ideas for use. For resources and support specific to curriculum content, please visit the appropriate Schoology Curriculum Group.  Additional approved software can also be found on the BCPS Apps Portal. BCPS users can access the Apps Portal through the BCPS Links folder in their bookmarks bar when logged in to the Chrome browser or through their Office 365 account.  This video will show you how. 

BCPS defines software as a set of directions, data, or programs used to operate devices and execute specific tasks. Software is a generic term used to refer to Web-based or installed applications, extensions, and scripts. All software used in BCPS must be reviewed and approved centrally prior to its use. Schools and staff are not permitted to independently acquire software. Once approved, the application will be visible on The Innovation HUB and/or the Apps Portal. 


Lesson presentation software 

Adobe Spark

Create and design visual content


Audio editor and recorder


Collaborative and cloud-based lesson delivery software 


BCPS approved device for students

Chrome Apps & Extensions

Features used to customize the user experience

Desmos logo


Online lesson delivery and collaboration

Digital Content 

BCPS-licensed digital content (BrainPop, Discovery, Safari, Gale, and more)

Discovery Education Logo

Discovery Education

Digital and text content for all grades and subjects


Online keyboarding software

Flip (formerly Flipgrid)

Video-based discussion tool


Browser monitoring & management tool

Google Calendar

Scheduling calendar

Google Docs

Online word processing tool

Google Drawings

Diagramming tool

Google Drive

Cloud storage

Google Forms

Survey creation tool

Google Jamboard

Collaborative whiteboard space

Google Keep

Note-taking tool

Google Meet

Web conferencing tool

Google Sheets

Spreadsheet tool

Google Slides

Presentation tool

Google Workspace

Computing, productivity, and collaboration tools


Every student response quiz tool

Kurzweil 3000

Reading and writing assistive technology tool

Math Learning Center Apps

Online mathematics models

Microsoft Office

Productivity suite

Microsoft Stream Icon

Microsoft Stream

Content hosting tool

Microsoft Teams

Online collaboration

Microsoft Whiteboard 

Web-based interactive whiteboard


Online research platform

Promethean Nickel ActivPanel

Directions for using new Promethean Panels and Apps

Professional Resources

BCPS-licensed digital content for Staff

QR Codes 

Matrix barcodes used to quickly access digital content


BCPS' Learning Management System (LMS)

Scratch & ScratchJr

Block Coding Programs


Online screen recording tool

Visualization software for the AVer Document Camera


Collaborative creation & presentation tool 

Windows Apps

Installed productivity applications


Publishing and creation program

Visit the Educational Technology YouTube Channel to access video tutorials that support technology integration in BCPS.