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Grade levels: Primary, Intermediate, Middle, High

Schoology (skoo-luh-jee) is BCPS' online Learning Management System which provides teachers with tools to create engaging content, design lessons, and assess student understanding.  This video outlines the features within Schoology.  To access Schoology, teachers and students can do the following:

⭐Click here to see a list of translation, accommodation, and modification features available for English Language Learners and students with special education needs.⭐

ISTE Standards for Students

Ideas for Use

Learning How- Schoology Tutorials & Professional Learning Resources

General Functionality

(All BCPS Staff)

Training Archive 

(All BCPS Staff)

*To access the training archive you must be logged in to Schoology and a member of the Professional Learning in BCPS Schoology Group. Click here to access the join code.

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To learn more about Schoology, visit the Educational Technology YouTube Channel and select the Schoology in BCPS Playlist.