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Chromebook device with Google Chrome icon

Grade levels: Primary, Intermediate, Middle, High

Chromebooks are computers that are available for students in grades K-12 to use for accessing digital content and resources. Chromebooks use the Chrome Operating System (OS) rather than the Windows Operating System and are intended to be used for accessing web-based applications.

To see a user comparison in basic functionality between Chromebooks and BCPS Windows Devices, you can view the Chromebook and Windows Device Quick Tips & Tricks resource. 

Learning How

Getting Started with Chromebooks

Google provides a variety of Chromebook support resources for users on the Chromebook Help site.  This site provides a search option to assist users with locating the appropriate support.  

These resources in addition to the Chromebook Simulator can useful for teachers and students to build knowledge and fluency with the Chromebook and the Chrome OS.  

Additional Support Resources-

ISTE Standards for Students

Ideas for Use