Setting Up Users in Google Chrome

Staff members, and students, can log into their BCPS Google account from the Chrome browser on their Windows device. This will closely mirror the experience that students have on Chromebooks and give staff members access to Google resources.

Remember that when working on a BCPS computer, or the network, there is no assumption of privacy. Linking a personal Google account could make certain information, including browsing history, available to BCPS. BCPS devices and networks are for professional use only.

⭐In order to ensure optimal performance of your Chrome Browser, please continue to keep it up to date.

Logging into your BCPS Google Account

1. Open the Chrome browser and click on the user icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen (1) and then click Turn on sync (2). NOTE: If the user icon (1) is not the generic grey shown, then the browser is already logged in with a Google account, perhaps a personal one.

2. Log in with your full BCPS email address and BCPS password.

3. A message will appear to link your Chrome data. Click Link data acknowledging that BCPS has control of the data in the account.

4. Click the Settings button. (Clicking the Yes, I’m in button shares ALL information by default.)

5. Click the Manage Sync arrow.

6. The Sync everything switch (1) is automatically selected. To choose what is to by synced from device to device, click the switch (1) and then turn on and off the items to be synced from the list below it. After selections are made, click Manage sync (2).

7. Click Confirm to complete setup.

8. Note: Messages will start to appear that correspond to extensions that are forced installed in the BCPS Google domain. Individual extensions can be turned on an off by right-clicking them (1) and selecting Manage Extensions (2) then turning them off (3). (See graphic on next page.)

In the upper right-hand corner of the chrome browser an icon will indicate that the BCPS account is logged in.

For more detailed information about how to log in and/or manage your BCPS Google Account visit the Setting Up Users in Google Chrome resource. *Teachers must be logged into their BCPS Google account when accessing this resource.

Additional resources can also be found on the Google Suite support page.