Teachers must be logged into their BCPS Google account when accessing Google Workspace tools for use with students and for any BCPS related work.  

Please reference Setting Up Users in Google Chrome for support in logging into your BCPS Google Account.


Google Docs Icon

Grade levels: Primary, Intermediate, Middle, High

Google Docs is an online word processing tool included as part of Google Workspace that is available for all BCPS teachers and students.  With Google Docs users can edit documents right in an internet browser without an additional software required. Docs allows multiple users to work simultaneously on the same document, and changes are saved automatically.  Additional features include the ability to comment, chat, and edit in real-time.  Google Docs also provides a version history feature that allows users to track changes made to a document.  

⭐Click here to see a list of translation, accommodation, and modification features available for English Language Learners and students with special education needs.⭐

Learning How

Getting Started with Google Docs

The Google Docs Editor Help Center is full of user-friendly resource pages with step-by-step directions on getting started with Google Docs and other tools.  Some helpful Google Docs start-up resources include:

ISTE Standards for Students

Ideas for Use